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Cool game! The art is amazing but the powerups don't quite match the
style. I don't know if you made the sprites but if you did I'd recommend making every asset fit the mood and theme of the game. The menu background and fonts were blocky and plain while the game sprites where pretty detailed and realistic. The music, however, fit perfectly with the sprites.

One of the best games here in Newgrounds.
The web thing was a very original mechanic and you made a good job in level design. The different things you could do with the web made the game very enterteining and intersting.

I think you could have made the game longer and explore (even) more the uses of this new mechanic. Also a bossfight against the (SPOILER) big spider would have been really epic, and a deeper story would make the game much better to me.

Good job.

Cool game! It's very fun and addicting but, as already mentioned, some instructions would have helpled a bit. I was kinda lost at the begining and didn't know what apprentices do.

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Duudeee you're getting better!!! this is so fuckin dopeeee ^^ the last drop at around 3:00 motivated me so mucchhh! I wasn't expecting that kick-ass drop ahahah
I love the lil voices in 2:30 and the sad melody at the beginning is great too.
Keep it up man, keep making music!

As for advice, I'm not saying it's a bad thing necesarily, but it has very different and oposite emotions, so that makes it kinda hard to listen to, cuz I think some people want to listen to sad music and I personally like motivating music, so if you mix the too you "scare off" both. For example, I'd put this in my playlist if it didnt have the sad part. but I replayed the drop like 3 times heheh. cya :^)

Steve28 responds:

Hehe....Thanks, Comments like this really motivates me to keep making music.

And personally, I like the songs that has multiple styles in it, which could also be the multiple genres. So...Yeah, I think I'll keep my song's styles like this.

Yoo it's soo good! :D Just checked your new stuff and I like this a lot. Very chill... it's good to see you're trying different styles

Steve28 responds:

Long time no see, pere! Thanks :)

This is awesome! It reminds me a lot of Sonic 3 music, especially Ice Cap Zone theme

Fretzone responds:

Man you are so right haha i didnt notice but i just listened to it and its true haha. I played a lot of sonic 2 and 3 when i was young so it might stuck with me all those years :) Thanks for listening to it and i'm glad you liked it :)

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Pretty cool but you need to work on the proportions. When looking at a reference make sure you add no detail until the proportions and shapes are as closest to it as possible. I'd recommend looking at the drawing through a mirror (so it's flipped) or flipping it upside down so you're not as familiar with it and see your mistakes. If you do this before adding any detail you'll realize what you have to change before it's too late.

Good job, keep drawing!

ApoorvMehta responds:

Thankyou very much :) Will try your technique too. Thanks for the tips ;)

This is very impressive, especially for having been done without reference! But you shouldn't see "no reference" as an achievement. Using reference helps you improve a lot and makes you much better that not using it. In fact, not using it can make you develop bad habits. So don't be like and fall in the "no reference pride". XD
Appart from that, I gotta say the shadows and colours were ver well done:)

I'm a game developer and artist. There's not much of my work out there but I'll start uploading art soon, and more games! Stay tuned for that!!!

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